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We don’t mean to alarm anyone but we’ve found a mattress that is going to change the way you sleep. 

Sure, it’s a big claim to make but in our case, it’s absolutely true, which is why we want to share all of the details with you!

Enter: Koala mattresses. Now, you may have heard about Koala before or you may have seen their amazing unboxing videos online so we are here to let you know that they are every bit as good as they seem. 

The whole process from ordering it online to lying down on the freshly unboxed mattress is absolutely seamless. We’re not even exaggerating one little bit when we tell you that we ordered the mattress (we went with a king-size) late on a Thursday afternoon and it was delivered at our time of choice on the Friday. It was delivered by 10am the next day and we constantly got text messages letting us know of its whereabouts, which was so handy! For those of you who’d like the mattress sooner, the brilliant team over at Koala even do 4 hour delivery, which to be honest, completely blew our minds!

Before we show you the video of us unboxing the mattress (which was so much fun by the way), we just wanted to share with you what makes Koala so special and different from other mattress companies. If you’ve been following us for a while, you will know how much we like to give back to the community and to do our bit for charity. Similarly, we like to align ourselves with brands and companies who do the same, which is why we are excited to work with Koala.

Now, onto the unboxing video! We’re not sure about you but when we see these videos on Instagram, Facebook and other blogs, we are honestly mesmerized by them. Do they really work like that? Is it that easy? How do they do it? The answer is yes, they really do work like that and they are that easy. Unboxing the mattress was so satisfying and took under five minutes to complete. (It also provides excellent entertainment for the kids haha!)

We’ve had our Koala mattress for over two weeks now and we waited to write the blog post so we could give you our completely honest review. If you couldn’t already tell, we love it. It’s got built in Zero Partner Disturbance as the foam absorbs any impact, which results in an undisturbed sleep so even though I toss and turn all night, Marcus doesn’t even realise. Hallelujah! You’ve also probably seen on our Instagram that Maha and I have now got a regular gym schedule, which means our muscles are sore at the end of every day. Koala mattresses have a firm base with 5 panel zoning for optimal spinal support so even at the end of a loooong day of training, work and juggling two kids, I know it’s got my back (literally, ha!).

We are so excited to work with Koala and love their mattresses so much that we have a special deal just for you. Simply use the code MATESWITHSWIISH to receive $150 off your purchase! Don’t forget that the purchase will also mean another koala is adopted and you’ll even get an adoption certificate and a toy koala as a thank you. 

Sweet dreams!

This post is sponsored by Koala but all opinions are our own.