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It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with all things beauty and we consider ourselves to be quite the beauty aficionados. So when we were browsing the Internet late one night (does anyone else find themselves in a world wide web black hole when they should be getting some shuteye?) and stumbled across a beauty tool that clears skin, releases muscle tension and stimulates the lymphatic system, we were obviously intrigued. 

Gua sha is a tool that has been used for healing in Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s a flat handheld tool that can vary in shape and material. It can be made from a variety of materials, but the one that is the most common at the moment is a gua sha made from crystals, namely rose quartz. 

Traditionally, a gua sha would be used as a tool for massaging. The therapist would apply medium to hard pressure to scrape the skin, which sounds pretty painful, if we’re being completely honest. (Tip: don’t google gua sha because you’ll be confronted with images of people’s red, raw and sore backs!) This was how a gua sha traditionally would be used for healing purposes in Chinese medicine because it increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. 

To rejuvenate your skin so it’s youthful and radiant, simply translate those same traditional principles to your face but on a smaller scale. Like you would with a jade roller, simply glide the edge of the gua sha gently back-and-forth across the face. Using a rose quartz gua sha can help to remove bad energy, ease tension and stress in the body, soothe anxiety and increase self-love. Sounds pretty good to us!

You can get your rose quartz gua sha here.