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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day (I know! It feels like Christmas was just yesterday…) and if you’re racking your brain for what to get your loved one, I’ve put together a few ideas. It’s also totally ok if you just want to buy these for yourself. I would.

For him…
Martini glasses
Channel some Mad Men style for your mister with these classic martini glasses. Love. $38, find them here.
Gentleman’s ice-tray
I love this as a quirky gift for him. $18.25, find it here.
Aesop Soap 
This Aesop soap is perfect for the guy who hates too many products in the shower plus it smells divine! $27.50, get yours here.
For her (aka you…. who says you can’t treat yourself on Valentine’s Day!?)
Every girl loves receiving perfume on Valentine’s Day (correction – every girl loves receiving perfume on any day). Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is my all time favourite. $191.50, find it here.
Heart-shaped clutch 
So cute. A definite winner. $40, find it here.
Lovebirds collection 
Get her a beautiful limited edition Lovebirds set from Napoleon Perdis and you’ll most definitely be in the good books. $49, find it here.
For the book lover…
Classic romance 
A classic romance novel for Valentine’s Day? Why yes, that sounds just perfect. Our pick? Pride and Prejudice. Austen knows her stuff. $7.95 – get your perfect romance from here.
Help your beloved keep their books stored safely with these cute bookends. $89.95, find them here.
Book laptop case
How cool is this? The laptop case that looks like a book cover. $104.99, find it here.
For the music lover…
Anyone who is serious about their music will be lusting after a pair of these Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Worth the investment. From $213, find them here.
iTunes album
Nothing beats a mix tape. But since it’s not 1980 anymore, download and make a playlist designed especially for your Valentine. Find their fave album here.
Record coasters  
Let their love of music always be on show with these quirky coasters. $19.95, get yours here.
For the tech lover…
Dual adapter car charger
End the squabbles over who gets to charge their phone in the car for good with this nifty device! A definite must for smart phone couples. $24.99, find it here.
iPad hover stand 
Perfect for the super-tech out there who require two computer screens at once. I personally think it’d make a great stand for my iPad when I’m reading a recipe in the kitchen. $125, find it here.
Belkin WeMo switch
Wifi operated light switches!?! Yep. This is for the person who just cant get enough tech in their life. $67, get it here.