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We absolutely love a good pedicure.  In our experience, it just always makes you feel that little bit better – it’s like a mini-facial for your feet!  Because just like bumps and blemishes can have a huge hit on your confidence, so too can chipped polish and dry soles.

A lot of the time though, pedicures aren’t high on the beauty priority list for many people.  Why?  Well firstly there’s the expense.  A good pedicure can set you back anywhere between $50 – $120, depending on the salon.  Secondly, there’s fact that pedicures, whilst they give you lovely looking nails, often don’t really deal with the skincare condition of your feet. Yes, the paint on your nails looks fab, but if your skin is super dry and cracked, the salon job temporarily makes them look good, but then a couple of days later, what do you know – there they are again… dry and scaly feet!

The truth is though, you actually don’t have to give up a great deal of money to get the perfect pedicure, and you can get your skin looking amazing, right at home. We recently tried out 1000 hour’s new Softsole Exfoliating Foot Peel, which only costs $8.75 and leave feet feeling silky smooth. 

How does it work? Well the pack comes with “Softsole booties” which you pop on your feet and leave on for 90-120 minutes. Our advice is to do this whilst watching Netflix or catching up on calls with friends. The active ingredients inside the booties work to soften calluses and cracked heels.  After you take the booties off and give your feet a wash, the ingredients will continue to destroy hardened skin.  Over the next 3-7 days, all the dead skin will begin to peel off your feet and by the end of 2 weeks, you’re feet will feel softer than ever before. 

We gave this a go last week and let’s just say, we won’t need a spa visit anytime soon.  Our feet have never felt so soft and pretty!  We couldn’t wait to paint our nails and slip on a pair of strappy sandals so we could show them off. 

If you want to try out one of these Softsole kits, or for more info, head to the 1000 Hour website.