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As we get into the grind of 2020, the time for difficult juice cleanses and detoxes is over… but does that mean you need to wait until next year to reap the detox benefits again? Of course not! This year we’re opting for more sustainable detox practices instead – you know, ones that we can *actually* stick to.

This Wellness Wednesday we’re covering our top 3 detox practices that can be used every week to help you feel amazing.

1. Crystal Rolling: The Lymphatic drainage necessity

If you’ve scrolled through any beauty guru’s Instagram feed lately, you would know two things about a rose quartz face roller… 1) it looks damn good in a photo, and 2) its beauty benefits go far deeper than skin.

Currently at the pique of the wellness industry’s interest, lymphatic drainage is one of the main processes that a face roller works its magic. Stemming from the 1930s, it was traditionally used in chronic diseases, but nowadays, lymphatic drainage may help:

  • boost immunity

  • eliminate toxins

  • reduce inflammation

  • minimise oedema (this is just the fancy term for fluid retention)

  • improve digestion

  • release toxins withheld in the fascia (the baddies that can cause cellulite!)

The ‘how-to’ for full-body detoxing with a face roller:

  1. Start from the extremities and work your way in. For example, start at your fingers and work your way along the length of your arm.

  2. Use gentle, but firm strokes. A slight reddening of the skin is normal.

  3. Move towards the heart, with outwards strokes from the face.

  4. Spend a few minutes rolling on each area with around 5-10 strokes per section.


SWIISH Tip: Use it in the bath! This helps it glide along your skin for a soothing and meditational practice.

Don’t have a face roller? We’ve got you covered. Shop here!

2. Love your liver: The detoxing POWERHOUSE

Essentially the processing plant for all toxins in the body, your liver is the key to health. Broken up into two phases, the liver churns through chemical toxins in the body until they are less “reactive” and ready for elimination.

Here are our top 3 foods for liver support and exactly how to use them:

1. Dandelion Root Tea 1-2 cups a day 

  • Helps liver cells produce bile – a substance that breaks down fat.

  • ‘Keeps you regular’ as reduced bile is known to slow bowel function!

  • Promotes hepatic healing helping the liver clear toxins effectively

2. Beetroot 

Enjoy as a juice, with studies showing 250mL per day may help, otherwise, incorporate a serving or two of cooked or fresh beetroot into your day.

  • Nitrates (a natural antioxidant compound) in beetroot reduce oxidative stress caused by liver toxins

  • Helps activate important liver enzymes

  • Reduces liver inflammation and is known as an effective blood cleanser

3. Cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, or brussel sprouts)  1-2 cups a day 

  • Contain ‘glucosinolates’ which help produce liver detoxification enzymes

  • Packed with sulphur compounds that help detox heavy metals

  • Supports phase 2 liver detoxification, important for toxin elimination

3. The Tamarind Sleep-tox

While we know detoxing is good for, well, everything… have you ever considered what kind of detox would benefit sleep?

Let us introduce to you a little area of the brain known as the pineal gland, which for all intents and purposes – helps you sleep! Fluoride from things such as tap water and toothpaste can buildup in the body and hinder the pineal glands production of melatonin, your sleep hormone.

Tamarind studies show that it may support fluoride excretion from the body. Adding just 1tsp of our DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder to a cup of water twice a week, ideally on consecutive days can help you detox your way to a good nights sleep – something we’ll always need more of.