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Still Haven’t Embraced Ingestibles?


Five surprising reasons why you SHOULD

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat – now we love a burger but we don’t want to look like one. So what do people mean when they say this… basically what you eat and drink fuels your body’s vitality, energy, vibrance, digestion. Studies suggest we need to eat 7 servings of vegetables per day – we love a veggie but who’s got time for that!? Whether we’re living off caffeine and sugar (please don’t do that) or smashing your daily nutrition targets, ingestibles will up your game. What game? The game of life, and you’re about to crush it.

What are wellness ingestibles? 
Wellness powders and supplements that can help support your body from within. 

Why we should ALL get involved 

1. Maximise your performance
Whether we’re running a marathon or running towards a deadline, our body AND brain needs support. From mental clarity and energy to general vitality, ingestibles can not only help our body get through the day but help you nail every task you tackle. Whether it’s greens, sleep or collagen powder, ingestibles work from within – think of it like your skin care routine, it’s the daily investment in yourself that pays off with every dose.

2. Add nutrition
It’s no secret that getting all our daily nutrients can be hard. Heck, some days even just getting SOME can be hard (we’re guilty of living off caffeine and chocolate on the odd occasion). Ingestibles help take your nutrition game to the next level. For example, eating 3 oranges is the same amount of vitamin C as ONE scoop of our SWIISH IMMUNITY Superfood Powder (which also has the added benefits of probiotics for increased immunity and ashwagandha for reduced stress/anxiety). Small but mighty – each serving packs a punch.

3. Hassle Free
Hands up who meets the recommended 7 serves of veggies, 2 serves of fruit and 4-6 serves of wholegrains PER DAY?! Yea not us either. Not for lack of trying but it can be tough to hit those targets – this is where ingestibles shine. Meet SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder. A nutrient-dense medley of green fruits and veg, a pre and probiotic blend to help improve vitality, increase energy, support immunity and aid digestion. Did we mention it tastes delicious too?! It has a tangy, refreshing flavour – YUM!


4. Glow From the Inside Out
Combating skin concerns like aging and acne is no longer just about your skin care routine. Your skin is a mirror to your gut and what goes in, must come out (in your skin). By optimising your inner health – think digestion, gut lining and balancing gut bacteria – you can begin to glow from within.
Our go to for good gut health, a glowing complexion and strong nails is collagen. Powerful and effective, this beauty can do it all. From gut repair to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, this is one ingestible we can’t live without. 

5. SWIISH Tip: Make sure your ingestibles are formulated, blended, and packed in Australia in partnership with the finest local and international suppliers and free from sneaky fillers and sugars to give you confidence in your health.  



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