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Collagen is something that you might hear a lot about and see it listed as an ingredient in your skincare products, but you might not know what it is exactly or what it does. The only thing you do know is that it’s really good for you! 

To save you time researching collagen for yourself, consider this your ultimate guide to what is being dubbed as the skin’s multivitamin.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, it’s what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, helping to prevent wrinkles, which is why collagen works so well in an anti-ageing skincare regime. Collagen naturally occurs in our bodies and it’s what keeps our skin plump and strong but as we get older, collagen levels can decline. That’s why so many skincare products contain collagen and why there are so many collagen supplements on the market. It gives our skin a helping hand to maintain youthful skin – it’s like winding back the skin clock! Not only is collagen excellent for our skin, it also does wonders for hair and nails too. 

There are loads of different ways you can consume collagen but the key message is this: you need to be using a collagen skincare product or consuming collagen in some way if you want your skin to look its best skin. 

There are collagen tablets, powders and capsules as well as being a key ingredient in many skincare products – if you’re not sure where to start, we would suggest going with a powder or capsule as we firmly believe in nourishing the inside first. Once you’ve added it to your routine, then you can add skincare to it. Below are a few of our favourite collagen products for you to try.

If there are any that you love, or swear by, let us know in the comments below!