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We all know that in order to achieve the best fitness results, you need a balance of cardio and strength based training. I know it can take some planning to get the perfect balance yourself.

But, LA trainer to the stars, Sebastian Lagree has come up with a way to get the most out of your workout in the shortest amount of time with his patented Lagree Fitness Method, a ramped up version of pilates. As a Pilates instructor myself, I love Sebastian’s combination of cardio and strength.

The high intensity workout combines cardio and strength based exercise training, which encourages maximum exertion while allowing for a low risk of injury. And it’s all set to high-energy music which I find especially helps in those moments I feel like giving up.

The workouts aim to strengthen the body by toning and elongating the muscles, improving endurance, jump-starting metabolism, burning fat, increasing flexibility and the postural alignment to help restore the body’s natural balance.

Working off the basis of the traditional pilates reformer, the Megaformer does away with the need to hit the treadmill post pilates to get that heart rate up.

Through the addition of various springs the Megaformer is capable of providing a higher level of resistance, which stimulates those slow twitch muscles and really fires up your fat burning furnaces.

With exercises that are designed to progressively overload or push your body’s muscles to the absolute limit, you’ll be feeling all those long lost muscles in your arms, legs and glutes, on your advised rest days. The results will be worth it though!

And with a celebrity following including Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara and Courtney Cox, who all rock some serious hot bods, I have a feeling this workout really works. Plus, with no two classes never being the same, there’s no chance of boredom. 

Check out Physicore for Lagree fitness classes.