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Zig Zag Homewares

With some trends you don’t know whether you’re up or down – but with Chevron you can be both!  Whether it’s cushions, floor coverings, kitchenware or wall decals, swiish is loving all the zigs and zags right now…


Chevron works in many different colours:  it’s versatile!  You’re usually best pairing a strong colour with white but more muted tones also work depending on the kind of room you’re looking to style.  Multiple colours also work if graded properly – like these cute pictures, $40 each, from HardToFind.


Make it a feature: as in, a feature wall, or a floor covering that really holds the room together. This is all the more important if you’re using strong contrasting colours. We love this removable wallpaper available in 12 different colours, $149.95 per sheet, from The Wall Sticker Company.


If you love the style but want to be more subtle, lean toward items that include just a touch of Chevron.  We are completely in love with these cushions complete with a pop of neon, $24.95 each from HardToFind.


This isn’t the cheapest item, but if you’re looking to treat yourself this ottoman is absolutely gorgeous, it’s handmade by Coco & Milo, $117, from Down That Little Lane.

Don’t overdo it: too many arrows and you won’t know what kind of direction you’re meant to take!  Too much chevron in the one room (or indeed the one house) risks being too harsh on the eyes and you may feel that the walls are closing in on you!