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I like to do a big cleanout of my closet a few times a year, mostly because I find myself wanting to buy new season clothes but having nowhere to put them. I try to squeeze everything in but the size and chunkiness of coathangers alone eats up a tonne of space in my closet.

As it is, we live in an apartment; but despite the fact that I have relegated Marcus to about 1/4 of the wardrobe space that I have (sorry babe!) it still isn’t enough. And don’t get me started on the shoes – no matter how hard I try to keep them neatly organised, I’m often hopping around on one leg trying to find the other heel in a pair when I’m trying to race out the door.

This is where pinklily comes in.

So I’ve discovered a few of their fab products that have helped me to DOUBLE my closet space. Yep, double. Which can only mean one thing – an excuse to shop for more! Hurrah!

Let’s start with the hangers. The ‘hangtastic’ hangers, as they’re called, are all the same size and shape but can hang every item in your wardrobe – including skirts and shorts etc. So it all looks super neat and organised, which I absolutely LOVE. Check out the before (eeeek!) and after (yay!).



Now onto shoes. Clear shoe boxes mean that you can stack multiple pairs on top of each other and you can see exactly what’s inside every box. There aren’t any lids – instead there is a nifty side opening so that you can slide each pair in and out as needed, without messing up all the other shoes. Plus, being in boxes protects the shoes from dust and stains, preserving the fabric and quality, so that you can keep them longer.



Finally, I needed a solution to protect all those special occasion dresses and gowns – the ones that, for me, tend to be made of more delicate fabrics and I am forever snagging them on rings as I’m ferreting through my closet. I used to use those zip up garment bags, but it meant that I couldn’t see what was in them. These ones from pinklily are made from a sheer fabric (helping your garments to breathe) and actually make those gowns feel a little more luxe – here’s what mine look like:

So in a nutshell – I feel like I’ve had a bit of a closet breakthrough – it’s more organised, I have waaaaay more space than before (Marcus still doesn’t get any of it) and now I have plenty of room for my Autumn / Winter wardrobe. WINNING! 

You can get your hands on these fab space savers from pinklily plus check them out on Instagram @misspinklily.