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Too many women think that they just have to put up with their skin concerns.  They tolerate dry, flaking skin because “it’s just the winter weather” and give in to wrinkles because “it’s all part of getting older.” Well, we think your skin deserves better! It deserves the right treatments to give yourself a soft, glowing complexion all year round and no matter what your age. 

The issue is, a lot of women tend to avoid professional treatments because they feel that they can’t spare the time (hands up how many of us fall into this bucket!) or they fear that their money will be wasted on a less-than-impressive result. We totally understand both of those concerns, but there are ways to make sure that this isn’t an issue anymore. It all comes down to getting the right treatment.

Recently, we checked out Oxygen Facial Therapy at Results Laser Clinic. What’s an Oxygen Facial? Well it’s basically a way of rehydrating skin and giving it a ‘lift’ by using oxygen and a serum full of active ingredients – by the end, you can expect bright, glowing skin and cheeks, and defined contours. The treatment took just 15 minutes so it was easy to squeeze into a lunch-break. Afterwards, people kept commenting on how my cheeks looked plumper and skin looked brighter. This treatment also tackles fine lines around your eyes and lips – ummm A-MAZ-ING.  That’s the thing about Results – we’ve been going there for years because they are about so much more than just laser hair removal (which by the way, we also do there). So we know we will always walk out of there feeling like a million bucks.  

Results Laser Clinic also has a tonne of other fab treatments to choose from (more to come on these over the next few months as team SWIISH test out even more). They offer microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, laser skin tightening, spider vein removal, cellulite reduction (woooo hoooo!), fat reduction and body contouring, stretch mark treatment, photo rejuvenation, clinical skin needling and so much more.

If you’d like more info on Results Laser Clinic and their treatments, simply head to their website or give them a buzz.  The staff are always super friendly and happy to help.  You’ll also find the team on Instagram @resultslaserclinic.