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Hi guys, 

Happy New Year!

We mentioned on social media that we’ll be completing a 3-Day Smoothie Cleanse every week for a month to detox, lose a couple of kilos and gain energy back! It seems that so many of you are feeling the same way because we had hundreds of people message us saying that you want to do it to!

So, what exactly is a smoothie cleanse and what will we be doing? Well, basically it means drinking six smoothies a day as meal replacements, three days a week. For the remaining four days of each week, we will be eating clean with recipes from our latest cookbook, Simple and Lean.

After such a busy festive season, which included lots of eating and drinking with friends and family, we are so ready to kickstart the new year feeling refreshed and ready to go. The combination of the smoothie cleanse and clean eating will help us shed a couple of kilos, gain more energy and our skin and hair will also reap the benefits!


Choose 3 days each week where you will only drink smoothies. We are doing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. The days can be completely up to you so choose what will fit into your schedule.

The reason we do consecutive days rather than random days is because by the fourth day of the week, your body has become accustomed to smaller portion sizes, which will make you feel full faster on the eating days. This helps you to stay feeling light and lean and will help in shedding a couple of kilos.

We will also be having our daily fix of SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder added to a smoothie each morning and afternoon for an extra dose of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, fruits and veggies. It helps to create good bacteria in the gut, flush out toxins, improve immunity and helps increase energy as well.

To make the cleanse as easy and as convenient as possible, we’ll be using pre-cut frozen fruit and veg from the supermarket. 


We are going to have one of each flavour each day. Not just because we LOVE all the flavours but it’s also so we can enjoy all of the benefits from each one. For example, the beetroot in the Un-Beet-Able makes it great for detoxing while the Choco-Licious is amazing for healthy hair and skin. If you don’t like one of the flavours, you can definitely swap it for something else. This cleanse is supposed to be easy and convenient and what’s best for you!  

If you’re still hungry on the smoothie days, we suggest having one or two energy balls. One of our favourites are our Raspberry Coconut Balls from Simple and Lean. We make a big batch on a Sunday night, store them in an airtight container and then snack on them throughout the week. 

On the other four “eating” days, we will continue to have a smoothie each morning with our SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder, but for lunch and dinner, we will be eating meals from our bestselling cookbook, Simple and Lean. These recipes are predominantly salad and bowl recipes and are all easy to make and prepare but delicious to eat! Just be conscious of your portion sizes. 


  • Six Super Green Smoothies every day for three days
  • SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder
  •  Our easy & delicious cookbook Simple and Lean


  • Recipe for Raspberry Coconut Balls (see recipe at end of post)

Let’s do this!!

Love Sal and Maha xx


1. Can I do the Smoothie Cleanse if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, we recommend sticking to your usual diet and adding in a morning and afternoon smoothie as a bonus. It’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, which includes carbs, protein, dairy, fruit and veg. By drinking a smoothie in the morning and afternoon, you’re providing your body with an extra dose of nutrients. Our SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder is also pregnancy and breast-feeding friendly. Mothers should be aware that the powder does contain a small amount of green tea, which contains less than 1 mg of caffeine, so check with your doctor to be sure they approve. However, in our experience, most doctors are thrilled that their patients are making such an actively healthy choice. 

2. What if I don’t like one of the smoothie flavours?

That’s not a problem. All of our Super Green Smoothies are loaded with nutrients, so any smoothie is better than none! Just swap the one you don’t like with one of your other favourites.

3. What if I don’t have a blender at work?

You can pre-make your smoothies at home (this is what Maha does) and pour it into an airtight jar. Your smoothies will separate because the fruit particles are less dense than the juice, so when you leave it, the particles separate from the juice. Simply stir your smoothie and enjoy the same amazing taste and all of the nutrients.

4. Do I have to drink all six? Some days, I’m full after five…

It’s important to listen to your body, so if you’re full after five, stop there. On the other hand, if you’re hungry, have something to eat. We like to make a big batch of Raspberry Coconut Balls at the beginning of the week and keep them in an airtight container at the office so we can have one when we’re peckish. They’re incredibly nutritious and low in calories – perfect for a cleanse!

5. Do I have to drink them at the exact time you suggest?

Not at all! It all depends on your schedule and what your day looks like. We drink ours at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm, because that’s what aligns with our day best. If you don’t get up until 7:30am and go to sleep at 11pm, work your smoothies into your schedule. Just remember to drink them three hours apart. 

6. Can I still have coffee?

ABSOLUTELY!! What is life without coffee? Maha drinks a long black and Sally drinks a skinny macchiato, so we suggest drinking coffee without much milk, because otherwise it’s too heavy on the body. 

7. Do I put my SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder into the smoothie or drink it separately?

This is completely up to you. Sal drinks her powder in a glass of cold water and Maha adds the powder to her first smoothie of the morning.