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Mornings in the Obermeder household are all about coffee, green smoothies, exercise (I try and exercise every single morning – at the moment, I am obsessed with circuit training), getting the girls ready for school and quality time with the family. I try not to get too bogged down with social media and emails in the morning because once I start scrolling, I can easily deep dive into Instagram and not come out for a few hours haha! It’s all about the girls and Marcus in the morning before I head off to work. 

I aim to be in the office by 9:00am so I can get in a full 2 hours of work before I leave for Channel 7. Because I am in the office for such a short period of time, it’s essential that I don’t waste any time, so I need hardworking devices that I can rely on. 

Everyday at SWIISH HQ is different and whilst the majority of my days are spent on different projects, one thing that does remain consistent in the office is our orders from our online store. 

We recently got ourselves a new HP Smart Tank 455 Printer to help our Shop Team print orders and packing labels for our online store. We always have a large amount of orders first thing in the morning so it’s crucial that we use a printer that can handle the workload. This one is incredibly reliable and doesn’t have a complete meltdown as soon as we print 200 pages at one time! It’s easy to underestimate how such a small thing, like a printer, can have such a big impact on your time and productivity. Small changes like getting the right printer means you can get more out of your day!

We have a look book that is home to every item that is launching in the online store. We print everything in colour using the HP Smart Tank 455 Printer because we need to know that the products in the look book are a true representation of the actual product. The best thing about this printer is that is has a refillable ink tank, which offers two years worth of printing in every box! Yep, that’s right, two years!! No more running to Officeworks at 8pm at night because we’ve needed to desperately print something and our printer has run out of ink. We know that with our Smart Tank printer, we are getting more out of our device so we can do more in our day to day lives. Brilliant!


During the week, I’m at Channel 7 filming The Daily Edition, which is live at 2pm each day. The four hours are filled with production meetings, hair and makeup, the live taping of the show and a post-show debrief. This is one of the best parts of my day because I get to chat to interesting people from all walks of life about all sorts of things. We also manage to laugh A LOT on set! 

It’s time for another coffee on the way to pick up the girls and Annabelle will usually beg me to take her to the office (I’m sure as soon as Elyssa starts talking, she’ll be begging me too!). Annabelle knows that the SWIISH team will play and colour with her and she’ll also get a packet of popcorn from the snack cupboard (she loves her food as much as me haha!). While we’re in the office, we do some quick printing of Annabelle’s work. Annabelle’s school has an online hub so I print directly from there – it’s so easy! 

It’s also Maha’s birthday in a few weeks (yippee!) so I want to print off a few of her favourite photos using the HP Smart Tank 455 Printer to frame as a part of her present. The image quality is second to none and the best part is that I can print directly from my phone. I have so many photos saved on my phone and I can just upload them to the HP Smart App, which sends it straight to the printer to print. 

Then, it’s off to the park with Annabelle and Elyssa…

More playtime before dinner, baths, books and bed for the girls. 


Once both of the girls are in bed, Marcus and I sit down for dinner. Tonight, I’ve made our Heat of the Night Chicken Bowl from our new cookbook, Simple and Lean. I love this recipe because it’s so filling and packed full of flavour! 

I’m also a bit of a multitasking aficionado so whilst I’m in the kitchen, I also reply to any urgent emails and check my social media. I’ll also usually email the team with any work that needs to be actioned for the next day. 

Marcus and I sit down and watch a TV show. We both are OBSESSED with Suits and I am quietly obsessed with Harvey Specter. If you haven’t seen Suits, you must watch it ASAP! Not to mention, that Meghan Markle (future royal) is one of the main characters! I’ll have a peppermint tea and a square or two of dark chocolate.

Depending on how big the cliff-hanger at the end of the episode is, we will watch one or two episodes of Suits and then hit the hay. I apply magnesium oil to the soles of my feet to ensure a restful sleep and then it’s lights out for us. 

This post is sponsored by HP Smart Tank 455 Printer but as always, all opinions are our own. For more information about the HP Smart Tank 455 Printer, click here.