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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: December is here! Which means it’s Christmas! And almost the end of the year! Which means we must have our lives on track!

– Actually, let us get back to you on that last one…

While the end of the year is always exciting for us – full of anticipation, celebration and festivities, it can also come with a major head-against-wall moment – that moment that makes you want to just wind-down and pop yourself in front of the TV for a few hours, or days…

And while we’re all for winding-down, we’re also keen believers in ending the year on a good note – gotta spread that good karma after all!

We’re also way too busy to even look at the TV right now.

So on our last bout of good-willed life motivation for 2019, we’re seeking top-notch tips that will make us feel like the driven, successful, inspired women we’re always striving to be!

Take a look, these tips will get you back on-board the go-getter band-wagon, so you can send out 2019 with a bang!

1. Back yourself and be decisive

We’ve made this our number one because at the crux of this habit is self-empowerment, which is something that can sometimes feel like an impossible goal.

Unlike ‘getting up earlier!’ or ‘exercising more!’, making a habit of self-empowerment – like backing yourself, affirming yourself and trusting your decisions isn’t just a change to your morning, but a change to your entire mindset.

Too often are we depending on others’ opinions to set the tone, and affirm our own success and ideas. While it can be comforting to get the go-ahead or nod from someone else, the reality is, this is sort of the easy option..

And no go-getter lingers too long on the easy option.

From designing personal affirmations you can read-over in your mornings or afternoons, encouraging yourself to take initiative with a new idea or pitch for work, or even just feeling ok to say ‘no’, these small habits of self-empowerment will work to change your headspace to one that trusts and depends on you first.

2. Get scheduled

No good work comes without good organisation. And a trusted schedule is the key to that.

But by scheduling we don’t just mean getting close and personal with your e-calendar and diary – although that is an important part. We also mean figuring out a basic life routine to stick to.

Whether that be a go-to morning and night routine (our personal favourites), a set wake-up time, exercise regime or errand day, factoring in these things and making them priorities will ensure organisation, and more importantly a good  and healthy work/life balance.


3. Sleep and more sleep

Sleep. Where would we be without it?

Key to ensuring optimal brain function, physical performance, wellbeing and mood, it’s the secret to feeling energised, positive and on top of your day.

That’s why it’s no surprise that in the list of every highflying, go-getter’s habits, sleep is Always. Listed.

While we’ve discussed the topic of sleep to (almost) ad nauseum there’s no denying that it remains an enigma to most of us, and something we still need to master.

Quick tips? Regular bed-time and exercise combined with less caffeine, alcohol and screens are critical to getting more Z’s.

4. Crave to be curious

You can’t try and change the world, or at least your world, if you’re not intrigued by it. After all, we only work hard for what we’re interested in.

However, the idea of ‘finding curiosity’ is about as curious as the very term itself. If you’re not already curious, is it possible to make yourself curious? Confused yet? Us too.

Let’s break it down. Basically this is about making an effort to be more observant of the world around you – of life, your relationships, your everyday – and to question and ponder it.

With curiosity comes a will to learn, and also an openness to new and creative ideas. Keeping curious will keep you alert and prepared for challenges, which is why we think it’s fair to make an adjustment to the old adage: curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it ‘skilled’ the cat.

5. Be a lot to a few, not nothing to many

As much as we’ve talked about the importance of believing in you, we can’t deny the power of having others that believe in you too.

It’s innate to us as humans to crave love and connection with others – we basically thrive off it. Loving friendships and relationships keep us healthy.

No, they really do. Creating and fostering deep, meaningful relationships will:

  • reduce stress

  • improve sense of self-worth and self-confidence

  • Build resilience

  • boost happiness

And for us, the evidence is clear – just think of the buzz you feel after a long, much needed catch-up with your girlfriends!

6. Depend on your down-time

Down-time is definitely a sacred thing. And it’s important to note, that switching-off is not just a treat, but a form of self-care.

Everyone has their own way of doing it – from a serene meditation, to completely switching off your phone, to drawing a hot bubble bath.

The difficulty for most of us, is making time for it, especially when life is all GO, GO, GO.

But make time for it we must, especially if we want to keep energised and motivated. Though it can be tricky to let yourself have a break, scheduling in an afternoon, night, or even an entire day (try Sunday!) to completely disconnect is a perfect solution to avoiding burn-out and allowing yourself to recharge.