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Burn Fat Fast

Who would’ve thought that the latest revolution in fitness started out in rural Russia as a counterbalance to weighing grain? Well, It’s time to get acquainted with kettlebells and make them your new best friend. They’re the ultimate training tools to help get you to those fitness goals quicker than you can say… kettlebell.

How you may ask? Well, 20 minutes of moving that weight back and forth, up and down, and side to side, will burn almost 300 calories. Add to that the calories you’ll burn as your body repairs the muscle post-session and that 300 calories could increase by 50%, so in 20 minutes you can wave goodbye to 450 calories. It’s no wonder Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz and Uma Thurman are all reportedly fans of this workout.

Because of my background as a personal trainer, quite a few of my girlfriends have asked me about kettlebells, wondering if you have to be a exercise pro to use them. The best part of this fast fat burning equipment is that you don’t need to be a muscle-man or a fitness instructor to be able to use them correctly.

With the use of basic resistance moves such as presses, and squats, while pushing or swinging the kettlebell, your heart rate accelerates and works your muscles in next to no time, producing quick and efficient results.

If you’re looking to gain rock-hard abs, a trim waist, muscular back and toned… everything, then this is the workout for you… The bell throws you slightly off balance, so you are forced to work your core to stay upright creating the firm, toned body you want. Your workout time is cut in half as this type of training engages multiple muscle groups and energy systems; everything is being worked all at once.

Look for classes in your local area, or sign up to join a local CrossFit training group, which utilises kettlebells.

If you want to give kettlebells a go on your own in the gym, follow some of the below links which have some great basic exercises for you to try. If you’re after some help, just ask one of the floating trainers at your gym to show you a few pointers, they’re always happy to help.

Kettle Bell Workouts:



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