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Move over coconut water, birch water is the latest health drink to come our way.

For years, birch water has been a traditional healing tonic for Eastern Europeans, and it has finally reached Australian soil.

To put it simply, birch water comes from… you guessed it, a birch tree. These are predominantly found in the northern hemisphere. The sap is collected in spring, when mineral and micronutrient levels are at their highest, so you’re left with a super nutrient-dense drink. 

Birch water is a major detoxifier and is high in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, copper and zinc. Plus, it’s believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, assist with the removal of cellulite, rejuvenate skin and promote kidney health. It also tastes like maple syrup, but so much healthier – what’s not to love?!

Want to try it? Birch water is available from Sealand Birk and Amazon.