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Put your hand up if you’ve ever let your self-care fall by the wayside. (Just so you know, we’re raising left and right).

When it comes to self-care, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you go down the meditation road, should you be setting growth goals, or is journalling the way to go?

Not to mention, forming this as a habit can be difficult when life gets in the way and motivation is low…

But not to fear! Living in the age of 2019 means we have technology on our side. And from yoga to guided meditation to colouring-in, there are apps designed for every self-care practice under the sun.

But which one’s for you?

Here’s a list of the apps we think do #selfcare the best:


In the most ironic of circumstances, Moment is a phone app designed to help you get off your phone. The app helps you to form healthy phone habits, so you can be more present in your everyday life. Moment will monitor your phone usage, and track what apps you use most throughout the day to give you a personalised guide on ‘switching off’. The app also offers a coaching function, with daily exercises designed to reduce time on your phone, so you can make time for your loved ones.

P.S It’s completely free.


Considered the #1 app for journaling, Day One is an app that will help you make journaling a part of your life. Whether it be through photos, recorded messages or plain-old text, this app allows you to document your life in any way you please. Day One also has an eye for detail, and a gorgeous design, with functions to record time and date, temperature and even maps of where you have journaled. To keep you on top of your journaling habits, the app uses a calendar function which also enables you to sticky-beak through your entries over time to observe your progress. It’s beautiful, easy to use and we love it.


Going by the mantra for self-care itself, Stop, Breathe & Think is next on our list. This app gives you a personalised, deep meditation experience. Perfect for beginner meditators, Stop, Breathe & Think explains the practice of meditation, why we should meditate and what it can bring to your life. The app recommends meditations, yoga videos and acupressure videos according to how you feel, with 34 free sessions available. You’re also able to choose how long you want these sessions to run, which is convenient for time-strapped days. Otherwise, you can simply set a timer and sit in silence, or listen to natural forest surrounds to bring some mindfulness to your day.


If lowering stress and anxiety is your main point of focus, Shine is the app for you. Consider Shine your very own virtual mood boost, sending you daily motivational messages to help you through the tough days. The app also lets you set personal goals and gives you access to a vast arrange of self-improvement audio to keep you focussed on your personal growth.


The last but not the least, Aloe Bud is a personal favourite, and oh-so-cute. Acting as a ‘self-care pocket companion’ the app sends you gentle reminders to complete self-care acts throughout your day, including reminders to hydrate, breathe and move. With this little gem in your pocket, you’ll be in-touch with all aspects of your wellbeing, keeping mindfulness at the top of your priority list.