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Come summertime, keeping our faces sweat-free is high on the beauty agenda.  Because while we don’t mind a dewy glow; wet cheeks and eyelids can lead to all sorts of makeup mishaps. We’re talking everything from smudged mascara to smeared lippy to patchy, uneven powder.  Ahh, no thanks!

Yep, while summer is prime time for afternoon cocktails and poolside parties, it’s also the worst time to pack your face with makeup.  Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t get dolled up for your next summer soiree (isn’t that half the fun?). All we’re saying is that if you don’t have a good sweat-proof system in place, then you can kiss those perfect contours goodbye!

That, my dear SWIISH readers, is where sandbagging comes in. No, we’re not talking about the ones you put around your house to stop the flood waters coming in (although that is where the name comes from).  Instead, it’s a special powder technique used to stop makeup from moving around your face.  The result?  Pristine, smudge-free makeup that lasts all day. 

Intrigued?  We thought so.  Here’s the lowdown…

Start by slicking on an under eye concealer (this should be about 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone).  Make a triangle shape under your eye and blend it up towards the top of your ear.  One way that sandbagging is different to the more well known ‘baking’ technique is because you apply the concealer much higher, right up under the waterline of your eye.  

Now for the important part… adding the powder.  Using a makeup sponge, dap a thick layer of loose powder over your concealer.  Again, get as close to your waterline as possible.   

Now it’s time to let the powder set for about 5 or so minutes.  The key is to keep your eye area very still at this stage.  Smiling or scrunching up your face will cause lines to form under your eyes and create cracks in the concealer. 

While your powder is setting, feel free to apply other makeup (just try to keep your face still!)  We like to use this time to do our eyeshadow and mascara. 

Finish by dusting away the excess powder with a powder brush.  The result should be a bright, highlighted under eye area, which will also keep your eye makeup where it’s supposed to be.

Basically, the powder absorbs the oil in your skin and creates a type of ‘dam’, which keeps makeup from smearing into it.  Ever wondered why Kimmy K’s face always looks so perfect?  Her makeup artist uses this technique aaall the time.  In fact, she’s the one who made it famous in the first place.

Sandbagging is also great for anyone who has a problem with dark circles or fine lines, as it brightens up the under-eye area and keeps your concealer crease-free.  How great is that?