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If you didn’t jump on board this trend in 2017, the good news is that it’s back for one more round. What are we talking about? Pyjamas as day wear! Yep. Wearing our pyjamas all day is our actual dream, and we know a whole lot of other people who would agree. Buutttt to do it in style – so that you look chic, not asleep – is critical. Otherwise expect weird looks at school drop-off, that coffee date, or worse – at the office! Trust us, you don’t want your boss thinking that you just rolled out of bed and hopped on the bus to work. Ha!

Wearing your favourite pyjamas outside the confinement of your own home does require careful outfit planning. You want to nail the look so follow these tips to make a style statement. Plus, the range of Pyjamas to shop is better than ever, so see our guide at the end of the post.