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We all have a song that means the world to us, and lyrics that you will never forget. Now you can display your favourite lyrics by turning it into a piece of art with this inexpensive yet personal DIY – and no, you don’t have to be an artist to do it!

Here’s one we managed to whip up in the SWIISH office (it’s seriously that easy). I chose ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap. I have always loved this song and the meaning it holds to me, plus it has such simply beautiful lyrics that really came up so well!

You will need:Instructions:
A primed, framed canvas1. Choose lyrics that you love – wedding songs are a great personal touch to a home.
A pencil (optional)2. Paint the lyrics in a messy cursive font (it doesn’t have to be perfect – it fact, it looks better when you free form it).
Acrylic paint3. If you’re not confident with a paintbrush, write the lyrics on the canvas with your pencil first, then trace over the writing with acrylic.
Small paint brush4. You can customize this with different coloured paints, patterned canvasses and textures. The limit is your imagination!
DIY courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

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