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Lessons From Madame Chic

Subtitled 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris, Jennifer Scott’s chapter-by-chapter description of how to achieve the height of French chic is in part a memoir, in part a style guide. 

Chronicling her time spent with a fabulous modern, aristocratic Parisian family, each chapter recounts a valuable lesson that Jennifer learned from Madame Chic and the other hostess with whom she stayed, Madame Bohemienne.

The book is beautifully written, in a conversational style, across 3 distinct parts – Diet & Exercise, Style & Beauty and How To Live Well.  The lessons include mastering a ‘no makeup’ look, enjoying food and whittling down your wardrobe to 10 core items.

Ultimately, Lessons From Madame Chic is an incredibly enjoyable read that provides us with tips and tricks on how to add that little bit of je ne sais quoi to our lives. We love it!