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Can you believe 2018 is actually almost over?  Wasn’t it March like 5 minutes ago?!  Whilst we may have started the year off cool, calm and collected, October is typically the time when reality starts to set in.

Deadlines, financial pressure and a feeling of ‘so much to do so little time’ can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  Lucky for us though, this year has seen the continued rise of some cool relaxation trends.

Some you may have heard of, others have been flying under the radar.  One things for sure though, they’re a whole lot more interesting than your basic spa bath or massage…  

Microsilk baths are getting more and more popular as the year goes on.  Essentially, a Microsilk bath involves soaking in a spa bath full of special oxygen-rich microbubbles.  The increased oxygen level energises your skin, kills bacteria and can even boosts your immune system.  What’s even cooler though is that these bubbles also provide therapeutic levels of anions (negatively charged ions).  These anions have been known to increase serotonin levels, which can help to relax the mind and body, help you have a deeper sleep and promote an overall feeling of wellbeing.   

Sound baths are kind of like meditation, only instead of sitting in silence, you sit in a room filled with the sound of gongs, chimes, chanting and musical bowls.

The whole idea is that when you listen to and focus on the sounds around you, you start to become more present in the moment.  Your mind becomes quiet and you can start to feel deeply relaxed.  

Although hanging out in a vapour filled chamber at -155 degrees doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of fun, it’s actually pretty good for you.  At least that’s what Cryotherapy clinics are claiming.  The idea of Cryotherapy is that when you expose your body to freezing temperatures, a whole bunch of health benefits are activated.  Apparently, it can help you feel more relaxed, improve your mood, detoxify your body, reduce cellulite, cure headaches, increase your energy levels and even help you sleep better.  On top of that, you can burn up to 800 calories per session. That sounds pretty good to us!

Active meditation basically involves moving around while you meditate.  It gives you the chance to get a bit of exercise and de-stress at the same time.  Once you’ve learnt how to meditate sitting still, you can begin trying out meditation techniques while you’re walking, eating or even while you’re working!  The idea is that you experience a meditative state in your everyday life, which can not only help you relax but also increase your performance and productivity. 

Most people have heard of this concept of ‘getting away’ to relax.  But in today’s busy world, spa-cations are becoming increasingly common.  Instead of going away to the beach or to go sight seeing, you’re going away to indulge in luxury treatments.  We’re talking daily massages, five star room service and spa baths overlooking the ocean.   If you’ve hit a wall at work and have some extra cash to spare, one of these luxury escapes might be right up your alley.