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I think I speak for most when I say that achieving healthy, youthful looking skin is a major beauty battle.   As soon we hit our mid twenties, any spare cash is swallowed up by expensive creams, exfoliators, mud masks, strange facials and even needles and peels.  But most of the time, all you get is a temporary fix.  

One thing we often forget though is that it’s actually what we put inside our body that makes the most difference.  And no, we’re not just talking about guzzling water and getting your greens in (although those things are super important too).  What we’re talking about is collagen.  

Yep, as the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is the vital building block for skin, hair and nails and acts as the main connective tissue that keeps your skin elastic and tight.  As you age, the natural production of collagen slows down, which is why we tend to see dry hair, brittle nails and sagging skin. 

Obviously, this is sooo not ideal.  So how do we fix it?  The answer seems pretty clear.  We’ve got to get the collagen back in there!  Which brings us to our new beauty product of the month… Vida Glow.  

Vida Glow, if you haven’t heard of it, is a marine collagen supplement that stimulates the body’s natural supply of collagen.   As a result, your skin starts to become more hydrated, elastic and firm.  Dry, brittle nails begin to repair themselves and damaged hair is restored with strength and shine.  The reason it works is because it’s absorbed at a rate of over 90%, compared to other supplements that average between 20-30%.  The marine collagen is then distributed via blood vessels into the deepest layers of the skin, increasing the body’s natural production of collagen.   

The thing that separates a collagen supplement from other beauty products is that it’s not all about vanity.  Asides from giving your skin it’s bounce back, collagen helps to reduce hormonal belly fat, balance insulin levels, promote stronger immune health, reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings, reduce excess weight, encourage healthy joint mobility, increase energy levels and even improve sleep.

It sounds to good to be true. Right?  But in all honesty, the proof is in the pudding!  Vida Glow has helped soooo many women overcome common skin and hair troubles.  According to people who’ve tried the product, it has helped to restore shine in their hair after getting highlights, repair damaged nails after having acrylics, reduce wrinkles and dry skin (particularly around the eyes), clear breakouts and even reduce sugar cravings.  How cool is that?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been adding the Vida Glow supplements to smoothies, juice, coffee or water.  They come in a whole bunch of flavours so we just mix and match (the blueberry one tastes amaaazing in our berry blend smoothie!)  So far, we’ve noticed are fewer dark circles, softer, glowing skin and stronger nails.    

We wouldn’t share this product with you if we didn’t think you’d love it.  It’s definitely worth a try!  Head to the Vida Glow website for more info and to get your hands on some of these supplements for yourself.